Speelbos ‘T Slingerpedje

My family loves being in nature. Luckily we live in The Netherlands where there is no shortage of outdoor spaces for the kids to play. There are “play forests” or speelbos everywhere. Speelbos ‘T Slingerpedje is a really great example of a speelbos in the city of Bladel in North Brabant. The really cool thing about Slingerpedje is that there are play structures throughout a small forest.  It’s is a great place for the kids to run and explore.

Part of the fun of this place is wandering around discovering things!


There are ropes attached to trees, 2 water pumps, musical instruments, a sand box and plenty of bridges and climbing structures.

The kids had a blast!

Big kids build teepes and other wooden structures. My son wanted to eat his lunch in one of these


I loved all the wooden sculptures. I think they are really amazing! I can’t imagine how much time went into carving them.


There are also carved benches and picnic tables. Everything was so charming, like out of a fairytale!

Some practical info:

  • Here is the website for more information: Slingerpedje
  • Parking is at a soccer complex just across the street. This is the address for the soccer complex:   Egyptischedijk 9c, 5531 HN Bladel
  • There are signs all over the area as you are driving in. Just look for “Speelbos” and follow the arrows
  • The mosquitos are really bad this year so make sure you bring whatever form of bug repellant you use.
  • This is not a very big forest and the trees aren’t dense so we didn’t have any trouble keeping up with the kids.
  • There are no toilettes.
  • When you leave the parking lot you will see a building that is used for the scouts. If you look to the left you will start seeing signs (the cutest signs ever). The entrance is a very short walk.

Am I right!?!

And this is what you are looking for. Really,  you can’t miss it.


I can’t wait to go back to this one and I really recommend checking it out!


If you love a good speelbos as much as I do you may want to check these out as well!

Bosschuur De Meren

Speelbos De Kemmer

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