Blueberry Picking: Blauwe Bessenculture Van Grotel, Nuenen

My family loves blueberries. The kids will eat an entire container from the shop in one sitting (these are generally 250 grams or so) and they are quiet expensive. I saw a special at one of the local grocery stores today that advertised 300 grams for 3.49 Euros. We still buy them, however, because the kids love them and I know how healthy they are.  I always knew that blueberry picking was a “thing” and that you could pick these little beauties for much cheaper than you could buy them from a shop but honestly I have never looked into it. Luckily a friend mentioned blueberry picking at Blauwe Bessenculture Van Grotel in Nuenen on Facebook (thanks Emma!) and we went that same day.


It was great. The kids spent some time outside, getting in touch with nature and helping gather food. Both of these are very good things for a child’s mental development. I want my kids to understand the work and effort that goes into the food we eat beyond the plastic containers at the shop.

And throughout this process we got a little dirty, giggled a lot, weighed our blueberries (yay math!) and brought them home. Family fun and delicious treats?  Yep!


The process is really simple.

  1. Park on the street along the blueberry fields
  2. Walk past the house to reception at the back
  3. They will give you a bucket. A full bucket is about 3 kilos, just to give you an idea. You can pick as much or as little as you like.
  4. Start picking!  There are 3 rows you can pick from. They are marked by a flag and separated by red and white tape.
  5. When you are done take your blueberries back to reception and have them weighed. One kilo costs 4 Euros ( at the time I am writing in summer 2016)



 We picked blueberries for about and hour until the kids got bored.

We picked just over 3 kilos, one full bucket. They have a little shop and sell all kinds of blueberry products. I couldn’t resist buying an jar of jam and a bottle of blueberry wine (because I had never heard of such a thing).


It’s a lot of blueberries!

The kids couldn’t understand that I wanted to take a picture. They were so ready to start eating!

Some practical information:

  1. This is the link to their website blueberry picking
  2. the address is: Vorsterdijk 16a, 5674 AG Nuenen
  3. The shop is closed for a mid day break. In July, August and September they are open Mon – Friday from 10:00 – 12:30 and from 1:30 till 6:00 and on Saturday 10:00 – 12:30 and 1:30 – 4:00. Closed on Sundays.
  4. July, August and September are the blueberry picking months
  5. Bring cash because they don’t take pin!

I was concerned when I found out that we could only pick from 3 rows. Honestly I had no idea how many berries each bush would produce. At the very end of July there was no shortage of berries and tons more growing.

I would caution you to get there early. There isn’t a ton of space in the rows. We started picking about 10:30 and there was plenty of room to move around but as we were leaving around 11:30 things were starting to fill up. Not that I would be worried about a shortage of berries (as previously stated) but because I think it would get a little cramped.


Rows in the blueberry field.

Blueberry picking kept my kids very entertained for about an hour and they started to drift. Honestly, my son (who is now 4) would have gone a while longer, it was mostly my 2 year old who started screaming “go home now”. This was fine with me today but if we go again I will pair it with another activity in the area to finish the day ( Dierenrijk: Nuenen perhaps).

I would have liked to pick another 3 kilos. Perhaps we will go again before the season is over.

What will I do with all those blueberries?

Stay tuned!!


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