Witven Lake and Beach: Veldhoven

My kids have decided that they enjoy swimming. This is really new to me, in the past whenever I took my son to the pool he would spend more time running around than in the water. I spent my time screaming “walk don’t run” and trying to convince him to get into the water and play. Within the last few months, though, he has started wanting to swim as much as he can. I think this is partly because his sister is older now and they can swim together. My daughter took to the water faster than I could have ever imagined. Now we are exploring all the places we can go and swim.  I’m so glad that I finally gave Witven Lake and Beach: Veldhoven a try.

I have moved this to the top of our “outside summer fun” list. There is a lake with very clean water, a beach with lots of sand, a grassy area perfect for a picnic blanket and shade. All the makings for a really great day outside.

The beach is big so there is lots of room to run and play. I brought shovels and buckets for the kids to play with.


The water is very clean and the bottom doesn’t feel dirty or slimy.

I love the fact that the shallow area is very clearly marked.

There is a nice little playground. The fun continued long after the kids were through swimming.

Witven is a camping ground. In Europe these kinds of vacation spots are very popular because you can camp and there is a lot of things to do on the premises. On the grounds there is also mini golf, a tennis court and a small petting zoo. We didn’t explore these parts of the grounds but you have access to them with your day pass. The actual camping area is completely separate from the beach.

Some practical information:

  1. This is a link to their website Witven: veldhoven  (It’s in English!)
  2. The address is Runstraat 40, Veldhoven
  3. There is plenty of parking for cars and bikes
  4. They are open from the 1st of May – 15th of September
  5.  Entry: Free till 3 years old. 4.00 Euros till the age of 13 and 4.50 beyond that
  6. They accept pin
  7. There is a bus stop about a 5 minute walk from the entrance, so Witven is reachable by public transportation. Take the 174 to the stop “Runstraat” ( make sure you check the bus schedule to verify stops and times. The website for the Dutch bus system is very good and easy to use. You can access the site here: OV 9292 )
  8. There are toilets at the entrance to the lake. The toilette paper is in a dispenser on the wall outside the stalls. Make sure you grab some before you go in!
  9. Make sure you bring floats of some sort for the kids who don’t have their swimming certifications yet.
  10. You can bring your own food and drinks. There is also a restaurant with an indoor and outdoor seating area


When we went there was no one at the entrance so I payed inside at the restaurant but once it started to get a little busier there was someone at the entrance collecting money.


We had a really lovely day at Witven and I’m really excited to back. I am always amazed that there are these wonderful places all everywhere!


Looking for more family fun in Veldhoven?

Check out these other great parks:

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