Speelpark de Splinter: Eindhoven

There are many reasons I love living in The Netherlands. At the top of this list is the parks.  The Dutch are very good at parks! Speelpark de Splinter in Eondhoven, North Brabant is one of the biggest and has the most diverse assortment of play equipment of any park I have ever been to. The scale of Splinter Park isn’t something that can really be seen in pictures. It’s like having 7 really awesome playgrounds inside one fence.

#1 The Pool. There are 3 depths but all are really shallow

#2 Pirate Cove – this area is really for older kids. I would hate to fall in that water!

#3 The Ship

#4 The Castle

#5 Climbing Structure and Slide

#6 The Petting Zoo (kinderboerderij)

#7 Little Kids area

Slides, swings and even giant blocks are scattered randomly throughout the park.


There is a big shady area in the middle of the park with lots of picnic tables. There is also a small shop that sells ice creams and drinks. It isn’t open all the time, only in the afternoons on pretty days when the park will be busy.



Too good to be true, right?

There are certainly drawbacks to this park. I find it really big and difficult to manage with my kids. My 4 year old can handle most of the play structures on his own but isn’t big enough for me to sit and let him roam completely free. This means that I am constantly walking around. If you are a “get in there and have a play with your kids” type of person this is a great park for you. If you want to sit and have a chat while the kids explore on their own I would recommend choosing a different park. At least till the kids are older.

I also don’t really like this park for little kids. My daughter is almost 2 and she is a very good climber but the slide at the little kids play area is still a little much for her.


This is the “little kid” play structure. To get up to the slide you have to either climb a ladder or the ropes. I don’t think this is really great for little kids.

Random Tube

It can also be difficult to keep track of more adventurous little ones.

This is a random tube that goes under the castle. If my daughter goes through this tube and ends up on the other side it will take me some time to get to her. This isn’t a problem with my 4 year old but it can be for my 2 year old. She could wander off and I would have trouble finding her.


I love this park for its diversity. I love the fact that it is fenced in with only one exit. I really love the wading pools on a hot summer day.

It’s just not a great fit for my family at this time. I will go back when my kids are older and can enjoy it on their own more.

Some Practical Information:

  • This is a link to their website: Speelpark de Splinter
  • Splinter is currently (summer 2016) open Mon – Fri 9:00 – 6:00, Sat 10:00 – 6:000, Sun. 12:00 – 6:00.
  • Entry is free Mon – Sat and Sunday costs 1.50 Euros per person (unless you are a school group or organization. Check the website for more details about that)
  • There are toilets at the main entrance
  • This is their address: Rode Kruislaan 2  5628 GM Eindhoven
  • On street parking is free and your only option
  • Wear a skirt or shorts so you can get into the pool with your kids, especially if they are little. The deepest water doesn’t even go up to my knees (and I am super short) . Sorry, I don’t have exact depths.
  • There is a nice green area with a fountain next to the park. This is also a nice place to visit
  • This park is very easy to get to by public transportation. There are many buses that will get you to the area and a short walk from the stops. Use OV 9292  to check bus schedules (It’s in English!)
  • It’s easy to miss. The entrance isn’t directly on the road.
This is what you see from the road. The entrance is just down the path on the right.


I really encourage everyone to check this park out, it may be your new absolute favorite!

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