Hullie Speelboerderij: Uden

A “speelboerderij” is roughly translated to “play farm”. I am always slightly confused about why this is in the name. It isn’t a farm and although there are chickens in a koop at one corner of the property there are no animals on the premises (to my knowledge and please correct me if I am wrong). Confusion aside, Hullie Speelboerderij: Uden is a great place for the kids to play. There are indoor and outdoor play areas so it is a good option in any weather. Here in the Netherlands there is no shortage of great outdoor spaces but I always struggle to find places for the kids to play when winter comes. This is one reason why Hullie is so great.

Hullie Speelbordoerij is big, VERY BIG. There are 2 main rooms inside and a hallway down the back that leads to smaller rooms that all house different activities, there are also huge amounts of outdoor play spaces.

When you walk in the first thing you see is the desk where you pay. To the left there are tons of tables. If you have older kids that you can just let loose this is a great place to camp. It’s the quietest area and away (as away as you can get) from all the play structures.


Straight on past the counter you will see a hall that leads to the back rooms (more on that in a moment).

The Big Rooms: 

Immediately to the right you see an opening into one of the great rooms. Inside there is a GIANT multi level soft play with slides and balls and things to climb on. The is a great play structure and is much loved my my son. It is, though to much for my daughter to handle on her own. My son is 4 and just now able to go in by himself and navigate through without difficulty. If my daughter wants to play I (or usually my husband because he actually enjoys climbing through these things with the kids) has to go with.

And fair warning: the red slide on the outside of the play structure is very fast. Little kids shoot through that thing like a rocket. When my son was little I would get a table right at the bottom of the red slide so when he came doen it I would be able to catch him.

There are also tables surrounding the play area. This is the best place to sit if you have littler kids. Despite the madness it is still relatively quiet and the tables aren’t very tightly wedged together.

This is the red slide. There is also another level of the soft play underground.
This is the seating area in this room. 

There is also a small play area designed for the under 4 year crowd in this room. I find it very small and not very exciting for children who are beyond crawling. I could never get my kids to stay in there for long. Another problem with this space is that older kids seem to want to play in there and I find that very annoying.


If you walk through this room you will enter the next big room. This one is WAY bigger than the first and has another giant soft play in it. They also have a big “mountain”(you know, the giant soft plastic thing that this kids climb and slide down. If you know what these are actually called please let me know!)  with a slide. There is also lots more seating.

This is also where the counter is where you order food. Hullie actually as good food for a kids play place. They serve home made pizzas as well as some nice salads and sandwiches along with the standard Dutch snacks. On your table is a card with your table number. When you order at the counter the person will ask you for this number. They will bring you the food when it’s ready. Someone will also come around and collect the plates and such.

Above your head there is a train that kids can ride. When I say ride I mean pedal around the track. This generally ends up being my job so I avoid it. There are stairs at the back that lead up to the trains.

I only sit in this room if there are no other options. It is very loud and very cramped in here. It’s a huge cavernous space full of screaming kids and a train that somehow makes more noise than I can describe. Maybe I have sensory issues, though. It’s possible because no one seems to mind as much as I do.

So, remember that hallway? This is where it gets interesting. 

There are smaller (some small and some not so small) all along the back of the building.

My favourite is an art and craft room. There is a different project being done every day and a staff member is in the room to give guidance. Younger ones will often still need the help of a parent . The projects are very cute.

There is also a room filled with giant building blocks, a room containing 2 bounce houses, a small story room with a little gnome scene (this one confuses me, honestly) and 2 larger rooms with a track for peddle cars.

The outside:

I really like the playgrounds outside although we don’t get to play in them often. Because the inside is so expansive I tend to take my kids here when the weather is bad and thats a shame. There are swings and slides and peddle cars. The last time we went to kids wanted to play outside even though it was raining. That was fine with me because they had their raincoats and I had a covered area with a nice comfy table.


Hullie Speelboerderij is a great option for a fun day out because no matter what your child likes he will find something to keep him or her occupied there.

I also really like how it is decorated. The whole building feels very “old world”. Everything is wooden and decorated with these adorable Dutch gnomes (yes, like garden gnomes. The Dutch call them kabouters and they are adorable).

Honestly though. Hullie is not my favourite. I find it very loud and overwhelming and because there are so many different rooms and hallways it is impossible for me to keep up with both of my kids at once. Luckily my son is just old enough to go off on his own ( 4 years old) but I have to shadow my daughter (2 years old). The little kid area is very small compared to other indoor play places and not very exciting so she won’t stay in there for more than 5 minutes. I think this will all change when she is older, though. When my son was little we would go often. With only one child I could follow him around and play and it was never a problem. We have only been twice since my daughter was born because I find it to difficult. The most recent time was much better and I think it will get better as she gets older.

I will say my kids LOVE IT HERE and have an amazing time when we go.

Some General Information:

  • This is a link to their website: Hulie Speelbordoerij
  • This is their address Canadasweg 3a,   5406 TS Uden
  • They are open depending on school schedules so make sure you check the website before you go. I have driven there one day only to find it closed.
  • Adults are free and children are 8 Euros each (as of fall 2016)
  • A year pass is 40 Euros per child. If you love it and plan to go often take your receipt back to the front counter and they will deduct the day entry you already paid from the price of a year pass.
  • You can not bring your own food or drinks into Hullie
  • There is loads of free parking on site
  • They have really fun events depending on the time of year so check their website around a holiday so you can make sure you won’t mis anything.

Does it look busy in my pictures? Thats because it was super busy. Line waiting to get in the front door busy. If you get there at opening time there is generally not a problem getting a table but wait till early afternoon and you will probably end up standing in a corner holding coats. Unless it’s nice and people can sit outside, that helps.

Put Hullies Speelboerderij: Uden on your list of places to check out. It may become your new favourite!




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