Roller Derby: New Year New Challenges. Fresh Meat. Week 1

I have been spending quit a lot of time at the gym recently and I love it. Unfortunately I realised that I was beginning to focus on the wrong things. This little patch of fat just below my butt. That tire I can’t seem to get rid of. That loose flab on the underside of my arms. These are the things I was beginning to focus on as I spent my time lifting free weights in front of that huge mirror.

This is not what I want to be.  I started my weight loss journey (over 25 kilos ago) as a way to be healthy and more active. I never had the goal of a perfect body or a 6 pack so why now? With much self reflection I decided that I needed a focus that was more skill based and less superficial.

I needed a sport.

Something that I could channel my hyper competitiveness into a more productive outlet.

Enter Roller Derby.

Fresh Meat is the beginner course for Roller Derby. I don’t know about other places but in Eindhoven it is a 15 week skating course, after that I will be required to pass a skills test in order to move on to the next round of training. Tonight was the first lesson.

First Impressions:

This is going to be rough!

I haven’t been on 4 wheel skates since I was a kid. We spent time skating, learning a basic stop and practicing falling and getting up. The falling surprised me but I don’t know why. It really only makes sense, right? I will fall, a lot probably. I need to learn how to do it with as little injury as possible.

There was also a workout. This I was comfortable with it, but it was a challenge doing it on skates. Squats, planking, pushups and sit ups are all part of my normal gym time. Doing all of these things on 4 wheels made these standard workouts much more interesting and I enjoyed that. We also spent a bit of time working on our balance. Thank you power yoga! I was able to deep breath my way through a series of what ended up being a few of our yoga moves but on wheels. This also added a different dimension to the same workouts that I am used to doing. Physically I feel up to this new challenge.

The Dutch will be an obstacle but I think it will be good motivation for me to work harder. Everyone was really great about the fact that my Dutch is shaky. When an instructor needed to help me directly or correct something I was doing they spoke in English and several times I was asked how I was keeping up.

I really enjoyed my first class tonight ( bruised butt and all) and I am going to sign up for the 15 week training course. I think this will be a really great opportunity to practice my Dutch, make some new friends and put all my gym time to good use!

We meet on Sunday evenings. I will be updating weekly. Stay tuned!



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