Roller Derby: Fresh Meat, Week 3

After last weeks training I was able to really pinpoint the weaknesses in my gym routine. I wasn’t sore at all in my legs but my core was very sore. I also discovered last week that I can only do 8 pushups. These are on the feet not the knees (so no “girly” ones). I was very annoyed about this because I lift weights, I really do work my arms but I guess I’m either not doing enough or I’m doing the wrong things (or perhaps I should just do more pushups).

I decided to start working on my core but I didn’t really know what to change because I really thought I was focusing on my future six pack already. I decided to check out a few classes at my gym that focused on abs and core so I could get a few pointers. Thursday night I took “boot camp” and then “core stability”. I generally go to the gym Thursday mornings but my daughter was sick so I went in the evening instead. I took both classes because they were only 30 minutes each and it seemed logical to group them together. “boot camp” was really fun but nothing new. I always enjoy pushing myself to the limit and seeing how I handle it and recover. “Core Stability” kicked my ass. It was all sit ups and crunches and such, with a weight. I physically couldn’t make my body do some of the things she was asking me to do. I did enjoy it in that it pushed me farther than I would have pushed myself. All in all, although I enjoyed both classes I will not be rushing to take them again.

Friday mornings I have been going to Zumba ( wicked fun) and there is a class called “bosu balance” before and after my zumba. A friend of mine takes it and said it is really good for balance and core. Both things that are super important in Roller Derby. Man was she right! The class uses a half ball on a plastic base. We did all kinds of squats and standing workouts while balancing on this ball and some major ab work thrown in. It was perfect actually, the core work was really challenging and it really forced me to practice my balance (I also do Power Yoga on Monday night and that helps as well). I plan to continue to g o to “boss balance” on Fridays. I think it will really help with Roller Derby.


Practice Week 3: 

Honestly, I didn’t want to go. It has been a really busy weekend and I was really tired going into Sunday night. And Aunt Flo is visiting so I’m really bloated and grumpy. I forced myself to get out and I’m very glad I did. Practice was very nearly the same as last week so I was really comfortable and I was able to work on some of the things that are giving me trouble.

I was able to hold “derby pose” which is basically a deep squat for a full 5 minutes and I was really proud of myself for that, last week I could only manage 4.

The Fresh Meat Trainer asked me if I had skated before. I told her that I haven’t been on skates since I was little little and she said that she was surprised I had no experience and that I was doing great. I told her that I was an angry determined sort of person. She said “oh, your one of those…….good.” It was so nice to hear that I was doing well. I don’t get competitive with other people but I want to always do better than what I have done before. I will support and praise and help everyone around me, I don’t want to be THE BEST but I do want to be MY BEST. I don’t exactly know when I realised that these were 2 very different things but I’m so glad I did. I am a much nicer person after this realisation.

And there was our first injury. A woman fell and busted her upper lip. There was so much blood. She handled it like a super woman! She was very calm and composed while blood was dripping from her mouth. I’m sorry she got hurt but it was really amazing to see her handle it with such grace. I found out tonight that she had to get  7 stitches!

After practice we were told to take off our gear, leave our bags and come outside. I didn’t know this but we were going to get our first of 5 lessons on rules. I’m not gonna lie, this was painful. It was an hour of sitting in a very cold room on a hard bench trying to keep up with Dutch. I think I understood most of what was going on but I’m going to download the rules and give it a read sometime this week. I think that we will have a rules test at the end. I imagine that it will be in Dutch and I see this being very difficult for me. I should probably download the rules in Dutch as well so I can study properly. On the positive side this will force me to practice my Dutch.


I really enjoyed practice and I’m very glad I went. Honestly I would never have skipped for as lame of a reason as: I’m tired and grumpy and its “that time of the month” anyway.

Next week I am going to buy my real Roller Derby skates. I’m very excited.


Well, thats it for week 3.



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