Roller Derby: Fresh Meat, Week 5

The Injury. 

Last week after practice my finger started to hurt, not bad enough to impact my beer holding but enough to be noticeable. I honestly thought that it would be a bit sore in the morning but I wasn’t worried.

Man, did I misjudge the situation. In the morning it hurt to bend my finger and I decided to make an appointment with the Dr as a precaution. I called for an appointment at 8:00 and was sitting with our family Dr at 9:15. She quickly referred me to the hospital for x-rays because she suspected a fractured finger and possibly a fracture on my hand because of a nasty bruise.

X-Rays. Just as a precaution.

Honestly I felt like this was getting silly. I could bend my finger, my hand barely hurt and nothing was very swollen.

Either I’m seriously delusional or one tough cookie, or both.

The x-rays showed a fracture on my right ring finger. The fracture is just below my bottom knuckle on the palm side of my finger. The Dr’s at the hospital were worried that the piece of bone can separate and lodge itself in my knuckle causing permanent damage to my finger.

I don’t see any fracture! But I was promised that it is, in fact, there. 

So I am in a MASSIVE cast for the week. The Dr’s are worried that any movement of my hand or wrist could pull my finger and separate that bit of bone.

The bruise on my hand is apparently just a bruise and not a fracture, luckily.


I hate this thing so much. I can’t drive, bike or skate. Pushing a stroller is tough and my daughter is still little and can’t walk for to long so we are stuck at home a lot.

And no Gym or Dutch class or grocery shopping. Sleeping has been a real problem and that is making me more and more grumpy as the days pass. Showering has been a real pain in the ass and I can’t put on makeup or fix my hair.

I know, I know: First world problems, but it has made for a very depressing week.

Peoples reactions were a little shocking. Men mostly. I repeatedly was told that “they could have seen this coming” or “well Roller Derby is a dangerous sport” or “you knew what you were getting into”. Honestly, I was a bit shocked. I mean, I fell during a skating practice. Would they have made these comments if I had fallen taking the kids ice skating? Or simply slipped and fell at home? Would they have said any of these things to a man who had a sport related injury?

I don’t know. But I doubt it. I think the idea of a woman (mother, perhaps) doing anything that a man would deem dangerous is frowned upon. Or maybe the idea of a female driven full impact sport doesn’t sit well, like female body builders or basketball players are typically seen as “unfeminine”.

Perhaps I am a bit sensitive, especially after the Women’s march recently and the crazy backlash I felt (but thats another post), but I know that when my husband broke his collar bone mountain biking no one made it seem like it was his fault that it happened or tried to make him feel guilty that his sandwich making ability was put on a short pause.

Women were all very sympathetic so I think it must be a guy thing. Oh well, I’m not in the habit of caring what people think and I don’t plan on starting now.

The no cooking or cleaning was fun for the first few days but that even got old.

On the positive side of things, my fellow “Freshies” were very supportive and comforting. And my friends really rallied to keep me busy and active. And I now have a new appreciation for my safety gear. If I hadn’t been wearing my wrist guards things could have been mush worse.

And it’s only for a week and I will see a specialist to go from there.

Unfortunately there is a very good chance I will have to redo Fresh Meat, depending on how long I’m out and thats a real shame. But I will take that as it comes and hope for the best.



I couldn’t make it. It sucked! I was so sad. But a friend took me out and we drank wine and ate nachos and that helped.

I would have gone and just watched but there was no way for me to get there.

Fingers crossed I’m all, or at least mostly, patched up for next week.

And now I have my Roller Derby injury, lets hope this is the only one I get!

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