Roller Derby: Fresh Meat, Week 7

Not to much happened with Roller Derby through out the week, actually. My finger is still giving me trouble so my gym time was limited. I did go back to Power Yoga on Monday night. The instructor was able to show me some modifications that made me able to participate but there were things I couldn’t do. I am happy to be back at yoga, though. I truly believe that it has made all the difference with my skating. Yoga has really improved my balance and good balance is really important for Derby.


My husband and I watched a “bout”on YouTube one night. Honestly it was the first I have every watched. It really made me conscious of how little I actually understand the rules. We have “theory” meeting every other week but I have missed 2 of the 3 and the one I went to wasn’t terribly helpful. It’s in Dutch, so I have trouble keeping up. I printed out the official rules and I started reading them. Honestly, I find them a bit confusing but I will get it.



Another great night. We practiced skating backwards for what felt like forever. Concentrating on balance, skating and not running into people is exhausting. We also practiced grabbing someone in front of you by the hips and pulling them backward as you skate by. We learned this last week but this week we did it while skating around in circles. This definitely added a new element of crazy that I wasn’t expecting. I am having real trouble grabbing because of my finger still. I kept hearing “pull harder, as hard as you can” (in English and Dutch interchangeably) and I started to get really frustrated. Supid finger.

We also practiced crossovers and once again attempted to get our 27 laps in 5 minutes. I skated 21 (very nearly 22 but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, right) which is a great improvement from last week at 18. I am very pleased with that level of progress. If I keep it up I shouldn’t have any problem with 27 by the end of training. The girl I was counting for (I skate and she counts and then we switch) skated 26 laps! Was so impressed! I was worried about participating in a group sport because I get really competitive but (although a little jealous) I just admired how she did it. It was great. Maybe I’m growing as a person. Who knows?

I did realise that my finger isn’t getting much better and thats a problem. I was told that it was supposed to be back to normal in two weeks and it isn’t. I will make a follow up apointment with the surgeon first half of the week.

I also realised that I am never going to make any Roller Derby Team without my Dutch being better. I can generally keep up if I can watch what the others are doing and I can understand most things, but we were running (or skating) a drill and he had to switch to English to tell me where I was supposed to be. I found this extremely frustrating. So Dutch has to be at the top on my important list.

So that’s it for week 7.

Next week practice is cancelled for carnival and I will be on holiday the next week so I will miss 2 weeks of skating!! But stay tuned for more Roller Derby adventure.


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