Roller Derby: Fresh Meat, Weeks 8 & 9

So little happened in the world of Roller Derby the last 2 weeks that I couldn’t even justify 2 separate blog posts.

I went back to follow up with the surgeon about my finger at the beginning of week 8. It was still hurting a lot and I was under the impression that it should have been mostly better by then. It was a very frustrating appointment, honestly. He said that it could take up to a month to heal properly and that I should excessive it but if it starts to hurt I should stop what I was doing. It reminded me of that joke: The person (insert preferred stereotype) goes into the Dr. and said “it hurts when I do this”and the Dr said “well don’t do that”. you know the one. On one hand I was relieved that he didn’t put me in a new cast but on the other hand I would have liked a new x-ray.  I think the appointment lasted a grand total of 30 seconds. Anyway, we will see how it goes.

By the end of week 9 it was still throbbing and my knuckle is now popping when i bend my finger. This is a bit worrying. It’s affecting my knitting and thats not ok. 🙂

Beyond that, nothing really.

We watched Whip It. A cute Roller Derby movie from 2009. It’s less about Roller Derby and more about a misfit who is able to gain independence and self confidence by playing the sport. I enjoyed it.


Doesn’t really count as training, though, does it?


Why no practice for 2 whole weeks?

The first week was cancelled because of carnival. Carnival is kinda a religious holiday. You can read about carnival in the Netherlands here: Carnival in The Netherlands

I am not a fan of carnival and my son had a week off school. So the natural thing to do is run away to Spain. Sounds reasonable, right?

So thats why I missed the next week.

We did have an amazing vacation in the South of Spain. And I will be back next week and skate harder than ever!

Image 11-03-2017 at 20.49 (1)

Image 11-03-2017 at 20.49

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