Vossenberg Speelboerderij: Tilburg

De Vossenberg Speelboerderij: Tilburg is an indoor softplay with a great outside play area in Tilburg. Sounds scary to people living in Eindhoven but really it’s only like 30 minutes away from me. I have a real love hate relationship with Vossenberg. First let me say that the place is amazing. There is so much to do and a wide range of activities. The staff is so super friendly and the beer menu is respectable. My kids adore the place. So what’s with the hate, you ask?

Parental involvement. Yep. This isn’t a place to take the kids if you want them to go play and leave you alone for a few hours. This place requires some work.

The inside area has two levels, the ground floor is a very good sized soft play. It will keep the kids entertained for hours with no problem. This is also where all the seating is. The nice thing about Vossenburg is the the softplay sits in one half of the building and the tables at the other so there aren’t kids running berserk through the tables constantly. There is also a fair amount of space between tables so when the place is packed it doesn’t fee claustrophobic.


The “little kids” area is really good. The walls aren’t high so you do have to worry about your precious little ones escaping while you are tying to enjoy your adult time.


The outside has a really great playground. Loads to do including trampolines, a sand pit and traditional play ground equipment. This is a really nice feature Vossenberg, they have an indoor and outdoor play area. Most places have one or the other.


The second level…..

The dreaded second level…..

Honestly this is what sets Vossenburg appart from all the other softplays. This is why my kids beg to go, repeatedly. This is what makes this place so special. This is why it’s never my first choice…..

Craft and building……

There is a room with tables, There is a bin with pre cut bits of wood. There are hammers. There are nails. You get the idea, right? I’m constantly “helping” my kids build birdhouses, sculptures and other random bits of crap that the will fall in love with. There is another table with paint so the kids can paint their creations (or cardboard or paper). To be fair, there is staff everywhere. They are super sweet and helpful and make sure everyone is safe. There are painting shirts for the kids to put on so that they don’t get messy. They have done everything they can to help make this a magical experience. And it is. My son actually calls it the “birdhouse place”.


It’s an amazing thing, really. But I’m not that good with the hammer and nails. And, not to call myself a lazy parent, but I’m pretty lazy. I take my kids out so they can have a play and I can read or, heaven forbid, have a grown up chat with another parent. Actually, that probably makes me lazy but I’m fine with that. So I take the kids to Vossenburg and they have a ridiculously amazing time. I try to limit the amount of sculptures or birdhouses to one per trip and everyone has a magical family outing.



Food and drinks:

Typical Dutch food. Nothing special but not bad either. The chicken nuggets are recognizable. I find it sad that I now judge all play places on the likelihood that my kids will cry when the see the nuggets on offer. There isn’t really anything healthy, and heaven forbid vegan, on offer for the grownups.

There is a respectable beer menu, though and that kinda saves the day. The have La Trappe Puur. It’s an organic Belguim Pilsner that I enjoy very much.

Definitely put it on you list. The kids will go crazy and if you are the building type so will you. And if not, just remember that they will play for a while as well. And think of the fond memories the kids will have every time you see all those damned birdhouses all over your house because the kids love them so much they must stay forever.



Some Practical Info:

  • This is their website: De Vossenberg
  • They are closed Monday, Tuesday and Thursday most weeks. It’s different during school holidays so make sure you check before you go.
  • Tons of free parking
  • Kids cost 7.50 Euros and adults are free
  • You can’t bring in your own food


6 thoughts on “Vossenberg Speelboerderij: Tilburg

  1. Looks like a nice place. Kids seem to be enjoying their time there. You are not lazy, your a great mom. Miss you on FB. All my love to you and the kids.


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