The Speelgoed Museum: Oosterhout

My son had a study day and I always try to make those a little special. I decided to give the Speelgoed Museum in Oosterhout a try.  For the Americans out there a study day is basically a teacher in service day and they happen every other month or so. I like the fact that we have what I consider a sneaky day off mid week when all the other littles are in school so things aren’t horrifically busy.

I decided on a museum because we have our museum cards that we haven’t used in a while. Do you know about the museum card? It’s magic you can read about it here: The Museum Card

I’m not gonna lie this super special outing got off to a rocky start. I had looked at so many museums that I didn’t realize that this one didn’t open till 1:00 in the afternoon and most open at 10:00 am so we were in the car super early before I realized my mistake. So we were already in the car and I thought “well, we will find somewhere to eat close by and wait for them to open”.  I didn’t realize that the toy museum was in a small town and NOTHING was open during the day. But it was OK. I found a playground that we played at for a while and then we went to the Market Square and found a place to eat. I even bought the commemorative plastic bear cups filled with ice cream because I was feeling very “spoil my kids on this grand day out”. And secretly (not so secret now) I always giggle at the idea of my kids eating ice cream out of a severed head. Kinda “I will feast on ice cream out of the heads of my enemies” kinda thing. Yes, oh yes, I can be dark and I love horror movies. Anyways……..


We finally made it to the The Speelgoed Museum in Oosterhout. First impressions was that the place is adorable, everything about is ridiculously cute. The people who work there are all older people and I’m pretty sure volunteers. They were very sweet and and it totally gave me an excuse to speak Dutch.

The kids are given papers with pictures of things they can find within the museum and are encouraged to go on a scavenger hunt. My kids were not impressed but I like the idea of of it and the older kids there that day seemed to enjoy filling in their cards.


The museum itself is a series of connected rooms with toys behind glass. My kids weren’t that impressed, honestly. They ran though the tiny museum on about 5 minutes. Every now and then something would catch one of their eyes and I would hear a delighted squeal of “OH, look at that!!” but that was about it.I would have loved to have taken a closer or longer look at things. There were some older women in their reliving their childhood like crazy. It was super adorable.

The little cafe was cute, you can get drinks but not really food but the website said you could bring your own. Honestly I don’t know how someone would spend long enough there that a packed lunch would be required but it’s good to know that you can bring in a snack or something. Speaking of snacks and drinks: I was given a coffee or tea and the kids were each given a ranja with a cake and sprinkles. All included in the admission costs. I actually felt kinda bad because I used my museum card but I got over that quickly.

This is the Dutchiest kid thing ever btw. You take a piece of bread or cake, cover it in margarine and pour on candy of some kind. The margarine acts as a “glue”.

There is an indoor and outdoor play area. My kids were kept well entertained for ages! Inside there is a little play castle filled with toys. There are all kind of games to play. board games, Scrabble, Connect 4, my kids and I played Twister. It was really fun. The outside area has a large chess set and bikes and such. There was plenty for any age group to find entertaining.

So my verdict on the Speelgoed Museum is overall good. The actual museum wasn’t interesting for my kids but I would have loved to have had the option to have a really good look around. I would love to take them back when they are a bit older and we can play more games. In my kids mind I took them to a fun place to play and that makes it perfect.

Some Helpful Info:

  • This is their website Toy Museum
  • Sorry but the website is in Dutch
  • This is their address: Zandheuvel 51, 4901 HT Oosterhout
  • There is on street parking for free

OK. Thats about it. It was a grand day out!



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