Aardbeienhof: Gemert

My family calls Aardbeienhof: Gemert  “Strawberry Land” because it is a celebration of all things strawberry. Aarbeienhoff is a really unique play place with lots of things to do. There is an indoor and outdoor play area and strawberry picking. In the summer there is a train  that takes you to a strawberry castle where the strawberry Queen greets you and shows you a little film about (can you guess?) strawberries.

The inside is a one huge room with lots of little play areas. There is a plastic play structure, a few bouncy houses and a soft play. There is also a giant inflatable strawberry to jump on. The big strawberry is surrounded by a track with tricycles and tractors of kids to ride.


It’s nice because Aardbeienhof is one basically one big open room so it’s easy to keep track of the little ones.

There is a small room with a stage and projector at one side. They are generally playing kids music videos. The kids love going in periodically and dancing. Mini Disco!


The outside play area is also great fun. There is a track with peddle cars surrounding a play area.

A few times a day everyone can ride the strawberry train (during the summer) or walk to the strawberry palace where everyone can watch a sort video about strawberries. Honestly it’s more fun than it sounds. The Strawberry Queen is there!

Say hello to the Strawberry Queen!


There is strawberry picking but it’s meant to be more of an activity. You buy a small plastic container (for around 2.00 Euros) and then the kids pick strawberries to fill it. It isn’t a way to fill the freezer. The kids love it, although they9 all tend to get eaten just after the picking.

There is an indoor and an outdoor picking area. The staff tells you where to go and supervises.

My kids love it. The staff is so helpful. I love going to a place where everyone seems to really enjoy being around kids.

I was helping my daughter and an employee lifted my son so he could find the biggest and reddest strawberries.


It sounds like a crazy amount of strawberry , and it is.  My kids really love going there. In the winter the outside is closed but the inside is still a great place to play, and the admission is discounted.


You aren’t suppose to bring in your own food, but the have a small cafe with some pretty nice sandwiches and such.

It’s a really fun place!


Some practical information:

  • This is their website: Aardbeienhof
  • This is their address:   Koksedijk 1, 5421 ZB Gemert
  • Kids under the age of 12 cost 12.50 and adults cost 2.00 Euros to get in. This is generally  cheaper during the winter and I have also seen discounts on Social Deal.
  • The opening times will vary depending on the season and they are open longer hours during school holidays, so make sure you check the website before you plan your outing.
  • There is free on site parking.

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