Zoo Veldhoven

It took me forever to take the kids to the Zoo Veldhoven. We have always had year passes to Dierenrijk in Nuenen and I kinda felt frivolous paying to get into another zoo. We finally decided to check it out and I’m really glad we did. It’s completely different from Dierenrijk so I don’t really feel like they are in competition with each other.  It used to be a parrot sanctuary so it mostly has birds. Lots and lots of birds. There are also some other animals here and there but pretty much you are there for the birds.

You can feed the birds as well. I really didn’t like this idea at first because my babies have tiny little fingers and I know how powerful those beaks can be, but the zoo has a perfect and simple solution to the problem.

You just stick the seeds in the slot and you can feed the birds while keeping your fingers intact. Cool Right!?!

My daughter had to warm up to the idea but my son jumped right in. It was great!

There are other animals to see besides the birds

There are 2 main playgrounds. One is outdoor and one is indoor.

The outside playground is at the entrance just before you enter the zoo. It’s a really nice one for older kids. My 2 year old was able to enjoy it with the help of her older brother but I’m not sure she would have managed on her own.

The inside play area is just inside the zoo. It is a very pretty play area set to look and feel like a safari park. There is a huge area with tables inside overlooking the play area that would be an excellent place to enjoy a picnic lunch. The day we visited the zoo it was really hot so we didn’t stay in the indoor playground very long. It was like a sauna in there so I had to drag my kids out after about 10 minutes. I plan to revisit the zoo when its not so hot and the kids can enjoy the play area more.

The seating area inside is really fun.


I really wish there was another outdoor play area toward the back of the zoo. There are open fields that would be the perfect place for a playground and picnic tables. I think my kids would have been able to focus on the animals more if they would have had a little break halfway through.

There is a place to buy drinks and snacks at the entrance. There are picnic tables and on the day we were there there was a bouncy castle. I think they are missing an opportunity for a playground here as well.

Some helpful information: 

  • This is their website Zoo Veldhoven
  • This is the address: Wintelresedijk 51,   5507 PP Veldhoven
  • You can get there easily by bus from  Eindhoven Station. Check 9292 for bus schedules (it’s in English!)
  • You can take your own food
  • I underestimated the size of the place and didn’t bring a stroller. I really regret that decision because I ended up carrying my daughter a lot of the time.
  • The Veldhoven Zoo costs 15 Euros for adults (over the age of 12) and 12.50 Euros for kids (aged between 3 -12). You can get a discount if you buy your tickets online. There is also often a Social Deal for Veldhoven Zoo as well. We found a Social Deal and bought tickets for half off and we each got a bag of seeds.
  • It isn’t open all year so make sure you check the website before heading out


I’m very glad we went. The kids had a really great day and it was fun to do something different. The outdoor play area was a huge hit. As I was writing this my son saw the picture and said “Oh the crocodile slide! Can we go back there?”

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4 thoughts on “Zoo Veldhoven

  1. Very nice. I enjoy your blog very much. John and I went to the Erie PA zoo last week when we went to see family. Sure has changed in 25 years, can’t believe it’s been that long since I was there.


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