Kinderboerderij De Hazewinkel

The Dutch are really good at play areas for kids. I think that’s one of the most appealing things for me about living here. There are so many great options for fun times. Kinderboerderij De Hazewinkel is a really great option for a fun outing. A kinderborderij translates to “children farm”. Although some of have an actual working farm this term means a place for kids to see (and often play with) farm animals. Goats, ducks, chickens, rabbits and many other animals live there. These are great kid friendly places and “kinderboerderij” is now a word that look for when I’m looking for new places to take the kids. I’m pretty sure every village has one, at least in this area. I often joke that you can throw a rock without hitting a goat around here. The Dutch do love their goats!

Hazewinkel is an amazing example of of a kinderboerderij. There is a huge playground with lots of things to keep the kids active and entertained and a whole area with animals at the back. It’s an amazing place and my family can easily spend a whole day there.


The play ground is really special. There are 5 slides of varying sizes, tons of swings including the safe swings for toddlers, a zip line and lots of other play structures. There are plenty of benches but not very many picnic tables, for some reason. There is also lots of shade.

There is a kiosk that is super new. They sell coffee, cold drinks, chips and (of course) ice cream. Also there is a vc (bathroom, powder room, whatever)  in the same building.  It is staffed with volunteers who don’t read or write well (I guess, this is all a bit unclear. I gather they have alternative needs, it’s really cool that they can volunteer there. They do ask that you try to have exact change for anything you but to make it easier for them, so bring your change purse.

Just behind the park there is a long fence. This is the kinderboerderij. On the other side of the fence you will see all kinds of bigger animals like deer, goats and cows. You can bring bread and feed them through the fence. If you follow the fence around you will find the entrance at the back.

Inside you will find giant bird cages to the right, a huge pig in a pen to the left and 2 buildings just in front of you. One of these buildings houses bunnies and the other is for the staff (this is where you will find the other public toilettes). Around the back you will find the rest of the animals. There is a new butterfly garden that is really pretty.

My kids love to look at the animals. They love to play on the playground. They really love Hazewinkel!

Some practical information:

  • This is their website: Kinderboerderij De Hazewinkel (sorry, it’s in Dutch)
  • This is their address: De Twijnder 40, 5506 AP Veldhoven
  • There is a good sized parking lot
  • The cafe is not always open
  •  Free Entry
  • Hazewinkel can be easily reached by bus. Just take the 402 from Eindhoven Station and get off at the stop called “De Naaldenmaker”


I hope you enjoy Kinderboerderij De Hazewinkel as much as we do!


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