Speeltuin de Kievit: Nuenen

Speeltuin de Kievit is a really great little park in Nuenen. Speeltiun translates to “play garden” and is a generic term for any outdoor play area and this is one of our favorites. Kievit has things to do for every age group and it’s nice and compact so you don’t have to worry to much about loosing track of your kids. There is plenty for my 2 year old and my 4 year old to do and I can generally sit back and relax a little without worrying about them. Kievit is a gated park so there is a small charge to get in but I think it’s really worth it.

There is a nice little wading pool for the kids to play in on hot days.Make sure you bring swim costumes and a towel!


There are also a toddler swings and other equipment for the little kids

Trampolines, a slide, and other climbing structures

My sons favorite spot is the water play area.


There is a small cafe with plenty of seating. They sell drinks, ice cream, and other snacks.


We got there just after opening and were among the first people in the gate. That’s why my pictures are so empty. In my experience these parks are best for little kids early because the bigger kids generally don’t come till after lunch.

Some practical information:

  • This is a link to their website Speeltuin de Kievit
  • Their street address is Kerkstraat 10, Nuenen
  • There is free on street parking up and down the street. This is the only option
  • There are toilets but they don’t have and tp in them, you have to ask for it at the cafe. Be warned!
  • Because this is a gated park they have opening hours. These change depending on the time of year and day so make sure you check the website before you go.
  • When I was last there the entry cost was 2 Euros per person (August 2016). They accept pin for entry so don’t worry if you don’t have cash
  • You can bring in your own food and drinks
  • The entrance is easy to miss. There is a big church across the street.
This is what the entrance looks like from the street

We are really spoiled with all the parks in this area! I really recommend checking Speeltuin de Kievit out, it may become your new favorite.

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